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martinski meme | two jealousy scenes [2/2]
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Look y’all, I’m not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore, I cop to that. BUT THIS is a total shit show. 

Fandom belongs to FANS and should not EVER be on a website that the powers that be create for their own purposes or in the control of a corporate sponsor (.mtv is not cute). Placing work on the website, ADMITTING to the desire to move fandom into an area where they have more control and removing the interaction fans have with each other to a space in which 1. you don’t hold the rights to your work and standards are set not by the community but the powers that be and 2. you’re removed from the traditions of fanspace is totally gross and inappropriate on their part. They aren’t the first ones to try this bullshit either, they’re just cloaking it in different words.

Please don’t fall for this and if you DO and are curious about it please carefully read the TOS for the site you are signing up for and learn about how they can and will use your content for profit in the future. Protect yourself, protect your community. Ultimately, it’s your choice but it should always be YOUR choice and YOUR experience and YOUR fandom. Bringing it out of the realm of fans, where you didn’t create the website, you didn’t make the rules, you can’t do whatever the fuck you want, is not okay. It’s not what fandom is about. Teen Wolf PTB aren’t PART of fandom. You are.

A few highlights from their User Content Submission Agreement:

5. Rights Granted to MTV.
In connection with all User Content you submit using the User Content Submission Features, you grant to MTV, the Parent Companies and the Affiliates, the unqualified, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty free right, license, authorization and permission, in any form or format, on or through any media or medium and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed or discovered, in whole or in part, to host, cache, store, maintain, use, reproduce, distribute, display, exhibit, perform, publish, broadcast, transmit, modify, prepare derivative works of, adapt, reformat, translate, and otherwise exploit all or any portion of your User Content on the Site (regardless of the Device through which the Site may be accessed) and any other channels, services, and other distribution platforms, whether currently existing or existing or developed in the future, of MTV, the Parent Companies and the Affiliates (collectively, the “Platforms”), for any purpose whatsoever (including, without limitation, for any promotional purposes) without accounting, notification, credit or other obligation to you, and the right to license and sub-license and authorize others to exercise any of the rights granted hereunder to MTV, the Parent Companies and Affiliates, in our sole discretion.

The rights, licenses and privileges described in this Submission Agreement and granted to MTV, the Parent Companies and the Affiliates, shall commence immediately upon submission of your User Content to or through the User Content Submission Features and continue thereafter perpetually and indefinitely, regardless of whether you continue or remain a registered user or not, unless and until terminated, in whole or in part, by MTV on notice to you…. You are not entitled to and you will not receive any compensation or other consideration for your User Content or any use made of your User Content once submitted. You also understand and agree that neither all or any portion of your User Content, nor any commercial, advertisement, promotional, marketing or other material associated with your User Content, need to be submitted for approval prior to use.


martinski meme: jealousy scenes

  not going anywhere (4x02)

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And if you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind.

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get to know me meme [4/5] favorite relationships - Stiles/Lydia
 ↳ If you die, I’ll literally go out of my freaking mind.
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Anonymous said: When stiles refused to let lydia stay with young derek in the beginning of season 4, was that because he was jealous? Because i always thought it was because he was worried about leaving her alone.

Maybe a little bit of both.

I think the fact that young Derek was likely to strike out and hurt those who wanted to help him was such a massive factor.But we’ll never know if it was also because Stiles was jealous, really. It’s all circumstantial, but I don’t doubt that Stiles would have a problem with Lydia finding somebody else attractive. It’s his MOT.

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They keep calling me, beckoning, beckoning…

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Anonymous said: Do you think Stiles still loves Lydia? Cuz we haven't seen many signs of him still loving her since Malia. :-(

Oh definitely. Though Stiles is taking a step back this season, I can only see it in a good way. Like if Lydia doesn’t ever have the opportunity to realise what she’s lost, how will she ever know what she had?

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